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Sunday, 27 November 2005



Sadly, most cases of crappy customer service are related to a sense of responsibility.

If the Customer Service Representative (damn, I hate that term) you were dealing with had the attitude that your lack of satisfaction reflected badly on him (or her), he would possibly think differently. Unfortunately, it's too easy to pass the buck...


You should give CutePDF a try, exactly the same technology as PDF995 and free except it doesn't send you to an annoying sponser page after the conversion.

I will always try out a free alternate before going with commercial s/w. There is some amazing free sh't out there.

Clive Simpkins

Thanks Wezzo - useful info. I'll give it a shot.


Wezzo's spot on, Clive. There are a number of "open source" (free) alternatives to proprietary software.

PDF Creator is another one, check it out here:


Otherwise I can pass it on to you next time we meet

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