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Thursday, 10 November 2005


graeme codrington

That is one of the reasons, Clive, why I am tech crazy, but do not rush out and get the latest gadgets.

I let people like shout at companies like Microsoft to sort themselves out, so when I buy it, all the software updates are done.

OK, I say "all", but even then, I still have frustrations like you. It really can't be such a difficult industry - the tech industry - can it?


Nice, Clive. Stick it to the man!

Lennard Gast

Hey Clive 'n Graeme
The problem with the IT industry is that people keep on thinking that development is a science, while it's an art. So they built layer upon layer of managers, analysts, architects, camp followers and politicians to regulate and control and describe every aspect of every precision mosquito circumcision until the programmer's input went from 100% to 0.001%. IT isn't science. It merely is.


Oooh, I don't know Graeme,I'd rather risk the odd dud and get the cool toys straight away.

Besides, more often than not these are things that will be fixed with firmware upgrades.

Clive, too much respect, I look forward to seeing many posts...!


Ps. it's quite weird that you need to read comments in reverse order. Ideally it should flow in the order they're written, with this format we read your post then scroll down and read the comments backwards.

There's probably a checkbox somewhere...!

Clive Simpkins

Thanks Rich - fixed!


Clive I'm wanting to get the new K-Jam that's arrive with the JasJar. Any chance you can get yourself one during the next week, test drive it, and then blog on what glitches I can expect as well as estimated time of fix?

Thought not!

Clive Simpkins

Velly naughty Barrie! Tongue in cheek aside, you don't want to get the K-Jam because it's not 3G. However, having browsed some forums post my post as it were, there are some serious firmware- requiring bugs on the JasJar. Dunno when manufacturers are gonna get with the plot and stop assuming we're all cool with being ex officio guniea pigs!


I've also got an imate jasjar, though I feel differently. I have not had any issues with the mda. However, I use mnotes to sync my lotus notes, calendar and journal, rather than with outlook. My only complaints are the limited amount of software available to windows mobile 2005 and the lack of 3G networks in the Americas. But those really aren't device issues...

Clive Simpkins

John, mine does what all the Expansys UK forum complaints confirm. It takes forever (10 full seconds) to open the mail program even with every other application closed by Spb Pocket Plus 3. I understand MS Pocket PC v5 uses memory in a completely different way from the previous version. The nett result is snail-like speed when opening programs. I'd actually go back to using my PDA2K were it not for the 3G download speed on the JasJar. If I could ditch this failure of a PDA, I would.

Graham Yoko

Where can I purchase a Body Glove or similar for my imate jasjar in South Africa? Thanks

Steve Anderson

Just switched to the Jasjar from the HP 6510.Love the IMate screen and keyboard as well as the 3G. Hate WM5 and all the glitches.I bought the Microsoft Voice Command which works poorly with WM5. I use it for business, and my advice is buy the HP.Look at the iMate site, they do not have fixes, patches or products, anyone wanna buy a Jasjar cheap?

Clive Simpkins

Hey Steve! My Jasjar has sat untouched in a drawer in my office for months. It's what I class as a very expensive mistake. WM 5 is a disaster. As with most new Windows products, it's launched full of bugs. In this case its also incredibly memory-greedy. I've gone back to using my PDA2K with its penchant for losing all data every now and again. I won't get another PDA until there's a major software revise and the device has been around for a year or so. We early adopters of technology pay a terrible price - in energy and monetary terms.

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