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Friday, 11 November 2005


Denise Rundle

Inspired? You bet! Thanks guys for a stimulating and challenging session yesterday. As a webmistress (fish-net stockings available upon request), I realise that the net (pun!) is a constant challenge - one has to rise or get left behind. I am already thinking of apps for clients. Clive your blog - design is cool, comments not - intended to create reaction as usual!


Hi Clive

How about an rss feed link? I was doing som esnooping around in your html and found:

RSS 2.0: http://clivesimpkins.blogs.com/clive_simpkins/rss.xml

Atom: http://clivesimpkins.blogs.com/clive_simpkins/atom.xml

Good luck with the whole thing.


Clive Simpkins

Thanks the scott - good thought. Will make it happen. Endorse and echo your view on your blog about Standard Bank charging for confirmation of EFT payments. FNB have been doing something similar, but free - for ages. Not the nice face of capitalism. Amandla!


Hey Clive, welcome to the blogosphere (ugh, there, I said it!) - insight from guys with a bit of grey wisdom is rare in the blogosphere (there, I said it again, and no offense :-)) these days... Consider me subscribed!

Clive Simpkins

Hey Martin - welcome aboard! And I'm buying a bottle of Ms. Clairol medium brown beard-dye this afternoon! ;-)


Martin, I'm putting safety pins in Heinrich's chair as punishment for using "the word", you explain to him why I've been forced to do this...!

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