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Thursday, 17 November 2005



Yup, the guy's one of a kind, you gotta love him. I got a Roy PDA Portrait too...

Roy Blumenthal

Hiya Clive and Rich...!

I'm so chuffed to see a Clive Simpkins blog!!!

Spotted the link over at Jo'blog. Checked Jo'blog out cos I wasn't getting anything happening off the HELLO WORLD feed.

Now I'm setting up a Clive Simpkins feed, and will be putting it in my favourites list too. Yay!!!

Seeya soon.

Blue skies

Clive Simpkins

Hey Roy! Does this mean I have to start writing intelligent stuff now? ;-) Hope you read today's Sunday Times motoring review on the Mazda MX5. David Bullard, cynical sod and brilliant MC that he is, is clearly besotted with it!

Roy Blumenthal

Heya Clive...

You NATURALLY write intelligent stuff. That's cos you're an intelli-gent.

Coffee soon. Maybe the last half of this week?

Haven't read Bullard's MX5 review. But DID get Mazda spam about it. And I reckon I might just HAVE TO HAVE a Mk III Mazda! 2 litre engine. Loads of safety features.

I've got the Mk I, from the very first batch into this country. Very happy with it. But it's a 1990. And it's possibly a tad tired. But hey!

Thanks for the very kind words about me, Clive.

Blue skies

Clive Simpkins

Hmmm. 1990 MUST make it a collectable by one of the afficianados. Maybe advertise it as 'comes complete with driver'? ;-) Will mail u re the caffeine. Can't say cool idea - wrong temperature. Can't say hot idea - might be misinterpreted! So, good idea and we'll do it.

Roy Blumenthal

It WOULD have been a superb mint original if some dude who was challenged when it came to actually DOING his reverse parking test and NOT challenged when it came to bribing the testing official put a tiny, tiny ding in my door. Literally a paint chip.

I took the car to DENT DOCTOR in Randburg, where the guy gave me a nice sales pitch. I said, 'NO putty, and no bodywork. You're telling me you can just touch this ding up. And that's what I want.'

He agreed.

I came back at the appointed time, and they were working on my car. They had already sanded a section about the size of a continental pillow. And they were filling it with body putty.

I freaked out, but it was by now too late. So they finished the job. And the colour didn't match. So they did it again, spraying the entire door. And still the colour doesn't quite match.

And taking it for a professional respray will cost R15k. And regardless, the car is now no longer in mint condition, which it was before.


But decaff coffee will be superb. We should probably convert this to sms or voice to make ACTUAL arrangements.

Thursday will be fairly bad for me, cos I'm having a tooth extracted in the morning. And that sorta thing tends to nail me to the... well... nail me. But we shall see. Maybe I'm more resilient in my older age?

Seeya soon, Clive.

Blue skies

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