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Sunday, 22 January 2006



My fav songwriter of all time, Rodrigo Alfaro of Satanic Surfers (it's just a name) agrees with you:

"We don't have to feel it
The pain behind what we are served, just food on a plate, a disintegrated creature

(How much do we know)
About what we eat and where it comes from?
We know we are superior
But we sure as hell don't act responsible, no, instead we inseminate, force feed and cage them

And we call ourselves civilized
(Call ourselves human)
Yeah, we're so fucking civilized when we act like savages and speak of a higher morality

We wash the blood from our hands as we
Institutionalize murder
We wash the blood from our
We wash the blood from our hands

Will the cloning of animals bring us to a new dimension of cruelty, a step further on the scale of efficiency of production?

I mean we already inseminate, force feed and cage them

Yeah, we're so fucking civilized"

It's a great song, even though I do institutionalise murder daily...!

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