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Monday, 08 May 2006


Remedy Maker

That was a very good take on the current situation. If we accept the premise of the article how can we remedy the situation?

Clive Simpkins

My belief is that if a critical mass of spiritually aware leaders were to start walking the right talk, there could be a shift, if not a cultural renaissance. This sad situation is not unique to Africa. Native Americans, Australian Aboriginals, New Zealand Maoris and other indigenous peoples have gone the same way through colonialism and misdirected 'religious' as opposed to spiritual missionary work. OK: so that's the Simpkins shake and bake recipe. I hope that some sort of awakening will also come via young people, unencumbered with past baggage, who will hack a new pathway through the amoral jungle.

Gericke Potgieter

There are many ways to view history, and especially the case of Apartheid. This particular article reminds me of the importance of context - something that seems amiss when Mr Simpkins discusses the issue. Reality is that Apartheid was an aborted process that sprung back to its initial (and rather sick) origins of British Emperialism. We often talk about it as if it was this evil plan devised by the master demon himself when alas it was something entirely different.

Whether or not Apartheid is understood is besides the point though. I agree that South Africa is experiencing mass chaos on cultural level. Where culture fails, so will morality.

I regard this as a good thing - not nice to see, but good that the process is taking its full course. One cannot build a new house if an old one is in your way after all.

The only solution, as was the case since the beginning of the universe, is that very precious characteristic of the Almighty namely healthy, balanced relationships. By building these, not for the sake or purpose of "converting", "changing" or "fixing" people, but rather for the sake of getting to love, know and understand them will allow us to grow together and heal. One friend at a time.

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