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Monday, 29 May 2006



Great post!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I think it’s pretty important for the protégé to be very discerning when choosing a mentor. Much research has to be done as I’ve often found myself on the verge of asking people to mentor me when they’d go say or do something that totally flies in the face of my values (actually, basic ethics!). (Cosmic sign?) Intuition then steps in and tells me to move on. Books now fill that space until I discover that ideal mentor you describe above.

Clive Simpkins

Yo M. Definitely ye olde intuition kicking in. The Rishis (wise Sages) say that we don't actually need human mentors or teachers and that if we're receptive enough, the entire universe will become the teacher or 're-revealer' of what we already know. But it helps fast-track coping with corporate UGRs (unwritten ground rules) as Steve Simpson of Oz has described them. Warmest, C

A very good article, simply laid out and understandable. When young I used to scorn the whole idea of mentoring but as I matured I find its virtues & usefulness appealing.

Its a great help in having a mentor help you navigate an organization. Hooking up to someone who understands the unspoken structures and real company culture can save you a lot of wasted effort and help you propel through an organization. You may not like company politics but you will have to play them in the real and not abstract world.

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