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Friday, 23 June 2006


Roy Blumenthal

Phshew, Clive. That's quite a wild response people seem to have had to what I read as a well-balanced, well-argued article.

And that's not merely cos I agree with your points.

The issue you're raising is one of protectionism and its legitimacy. And it doesn't just apply to Afrikaans as a 'protected' language.

The argument applies equally to Telkom and its monopoly. It applies to a certain brand of job protection too. (BEE, when it's about tokenism, without mentoring and development, is what I'm referring to.)

My guess is that the sore spot you've touched isn't about Afrikaans itself. It's about bullying, and the unseating of bullies.

Strength to your pen.

Blue skies


People love to hold on to what they know... It's quite cute really.

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