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Sunday, 04 June 2006



Thanks for the kind words Clive - I'm glad you're enjoying the iPodding as much as I am.

Social software is still a fringe culture concept in South Africa at best, but it seems more evident through my conversations with blue-chip corps around the country that a Gladwellian tipping point is upon us - customers are talking through blogs and corps want to learn how to engage them authentically.

Good stuff!

Who you calling a tech-geek!?

Ian Curry Bead4Need

Hi Clive

Mike Stopforth presented his tech world to the SAB MDP class of 2006 currently in progress at the SAB Training Institute in Midrand. As part of the MDP programme the six teams have been given an "Apprentice" type challenge to raise funds for South African Social Investment. Each team was given a box full of beads and things and let loose. June 16 is the deadline.

Our team was so enthralled by the concepts that Mike relayed to us that we are using Social Software, Viral marketing and online global auctioning through eBay to achieve our goal of raising over $10000 by June 16 for South African Charities.

Mike has kindly agreed to help us drive the process and according to him we are one of the first corporates in SA to attempt this.

I have included a link to our Blog http://bead4need.wordpress.com/ for you to have a look at.

In short three beaded artworks "Empathy, Hope and Dignity" are going to be auctioned on eBay from 8 June until 14 June. Every sent will be going to charity via the SAB Corporate Social Investment Trust Fund to give disenfranchised children in Southern Africa Hope for the future, show them Empathy and give them Dignity in this incredible country of ours South Africa.

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