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Thursday, 30 November 2006


Dr. Anthony Marsh

Please visit this site - hopefully,it will pop your over-inflated ego, and put an end to your hysteria. Dr. Marsh

jane johnson

Hey, dude - what's your obsession with Pam Whyte?? Why don't you get a life??


What is the Marsh dude a doctor of? If ever an article was filled with conventional wisdom and cliches then the Argus one he refers to was it.


What formal qualifications does Pam Whyte possess? Her website bangs on about her vast experience with animals, but says nothing about how she acquired this knowledge. And who is Anthony Marsh? Is he a real doctor? I can also call myself 'Herr Doktor Professor' when I post my 2 cents worth to this website. The Argus article which is linked with his comment does not convince me that Pam Whyte is an expert. In fact, it is difficult to see why he refers us to this article. It's as if "Pam's in the news, so everything she says must be true."

Her website basically dismisses all other animal trainers. One rapidly gets the impression that Pam thinks of her system as the only valid system for training dogs. It's as if she possesses a special gnosis (which sells for about R500.00). She dismisses animal behaviourists, obedience training - in fact, just about every other system used to train dogs.

What do qualified animal behaviourists say about Pam Whyte? Is she a quack or is she for real? Her e-mail response to Clive was not particularly enlightening.

I have heard Dr. Platzhund on Cape Talk commenting that he does not agree with Pam Whyte, but he does not elaborate on this. I would really love to hear from a qualified animal behaviourist. Or is Pam a tad too litigous?


I requested Pam's assistance recently. I dont know what to do now...i admit my dog is a 'problem child' and i cannot afford to take any chances...but i also dont want to believe what she says and use her 'rehab' methods if they are hogwash....please will someone who has had a positive experience with Pam Whyte stand up!!!!

Clive Simpkins

Well, there are always other options. Talk to your vet, talk to the SPCA. Google it. Why give yourself only one limited option?

Chas W

I had a dog a few years ago who was giving problems because he was always biting people. I engaged Pam Whyte to help me, and I gained a lot from her tips on how to relate to dogs, and how to control him. I did not take everything she said as absolute gospel, but used what I needed and ignored what I did not need. I now have a very loved and loving dog,whom I am able to control.

Pepita and Ruud Steenvoorden

We had a house call from Pam Whyte yesterday and in our opinion it was a shokking experience. We consulted her because of the fact that we have a new dog since one week from Animal Welfare, she is a lovely dog, but when we go outside the gate she is very insecure. We also have 3 Cocker Spaniels and we don't have any problems with them, they are lovely dogs and very well behaving but Pam said we are torturing our dogs by not feeding them enough. We take very good care of our dogs and our vet thinks they absolutely have a perfect weight. We are insulted by a very stubern old lady and we asked her to leave because we think she's very rude and in our opinion she's torturing her dog by giving him so much food that the poor dog is not able to walk anymore. We had to pay 1700,- rand for being insulted and we feel really devastated.
From the bottom of my heart I can asure everybody that our dogs are having a perfect life with us and they are getting everything a dog can wish.
Our advise is to never ask Pam Whyte for a consult and Pam better goes and retires and let really qualified people do this job.

Abri Nel

We had a visit from Pam, last night, 24 November 2009, just for a simple consultation regarding proper training for our 6 month old pit-bull. When she arrived she convinced my wife that the dog will be cured before she leaves(2hours). How ever, this bat progressed to tell us that our cat and staffie is telling the dog to kill my wife! If the dogs are rolling around on the grass, scratching there backs, they are marking the spot where she will be killed!!! If our cat brings a mouse into our house, he is telling the dog that "that is what you should do to the bitch"!!

She then progressed to refuse to be in the same room as the dog and told my wife the dog was going to kill her that night and that we should proceed imediately to the 24 hour emergcy clinic and get the dog put down!

This woman is mad and a con-artist! She is selling dvd's, made from video clippings(+- 80's) for R175 each. She billed me R2500 for her madness!!

Thank God I realised she was a fake and I said I will do a direct transfer to her account, I didn't!

Be aware, she is fake! Google her name and read the jo'burg blog! She is telling us the same she told people in 2006!

In one case, she told people that their parrot was telling the dog to kill them!

I just gave my mother a love bird, hope Hitchcock's "the birds" was fiction!!

I have reported this woman this morning


I really wish I had done a little more research before getting Pam Whyte around to my house. I was desperate and our dog seemed to be out of control so I rushed into it.

I have never regretted anything more in my life. Honestly, R2000 later and 4 hours I will never have back. She gave us the same cock-and-bull story it sounds like she gives all her clients. 'You dog is hunting you...your dog is hunting your children...we are not supposed to have dogs living with us in our homes…you are starving your dog and turning him into a killer…he will attack you and your children.’ She proceeded to feed my dog a loaf of bread drenched in milk, spilling it all over the counter. After which the dog vomited everywhere. She said we should constantly feed our puppy. After seeing the state that her, in my opinion, abused dog is in, I would not take a word of her advice. Her dog can barely walk, the poor thing hops along because his legs can barely carry his enormous body and he breaths so heavily. That is her answer, her ‘professional opinion’. Feed your dog until he can’t do anything, good or bad. When I asked her if feeding your dog like that was not unhealthy, after avoiding the question several times, she eventually said, ‘what would you rather have a heavier dog or your child being attacked by your dog.’ This is where most people who take her seriously would probably go, ‘well, neither thanks,’ and get rid of their poor dog.

She reckons that the big brand dog foods are stuffed with steroids and are designed to ‘give your dog cancer in 7 years’ so you have to take them to the vet and the vet can make money out of you. That is the evil vet’s master plan. Oh and the steroids are there to make your dog hyper so you have to take them to the vet to get Prozoc and the vet makes more money out of you.

I can go on and on about the terrible experience and the highway robbery that took place in my home at the hands of Pamela Whyte all day but I would prefer not to waste any more time on this woman. The bottom line is, this woman is a fraud and a con-artist and I just want people to know this before they fork out a lot of hard earned cash and spend their valuable time listening to her lies.

Ralene Perez Basson

Dogs are alliens...

The only Alien invasion we had in our house in Boschenmeer 5 years ago, was Pam Whyte and her poor dog, which was so over weight he looked like our coffee table.

Her theory about dogs was so crazy, (for example: they only thing they want to do is tear our heads of our bodies!) my family (including our then two puppies) were so traumatized, me and my children was crying when she left. their is only one word describing her opinion and the way she treats dogs.......cruel.

People like Pam Whyte should not have dogs, never mind try to teach dogs and dog owners, the SPCA should prohibit her to work as a dog trainer.

It also took me a week to get the overpowering smell of her poor dog out of my house.

Please be warned and do not make use of her services, she's an absolute fake who asks allot of money.

We have the most beautiful happy family (our two dogs included) and no heads has been ripped off any body as yet, as she so delightfully described our two beautiful golden cocker spaniels fantasied about everyday. They give us allot of enjoyment and love, whiteout us treating them as ........

Kindest Regards,

Ralene Perez Basson


I had Pam over to my house one night this week. I do agree that the price she asks is ridiculous by I am willing to give it a try as my dog cannot be controlled by me anymore. He gets very excited about everything and anything and will then run people and children over etc. in this stage of excitement. I don't agree with Pan saying that giving your dog affection prepares him for the hunt, but in her defense my dog was a lot calmer when she left. As all her consultation is free after the first three hours I intend to get my monies worth and use her for every problem I encounter. In the meantime I intend to use her advice where I see it works and to discard the info that does not fit in with our lifestyle. I will keep this updated as we progress or regress.


To all Dog Owners looking for assistance with their pets, beware of those falsely posing as Dog Whisperers in and around the Cape Town area.

After scouring the internet for someone who could help with a number of issues with my two much loved dogs, I came across a website I could not fault in terms of what it promised; 30 years of experience, glowing testimonials from around the world as to this woman’s expertise, and free ongoing assistance if the first three hours of paid consultation did not give satisfactory results, the implication being that this was unlikely. After saving the funds I needed, I made contact. She arrived with a 12year old, overweight arthritic Labrador who was purportedly her “assistant” and we were assured that the issues that I had raised would be dealt with easily.

In the five hours she was in our house, her dog sat sorrowfully on a mat in the middle of the floor, scarcely moving except to eat the remainder of the food in our dogs’ bowls, and precipitating a volley of barking from our two dogs who could not understand this stranger taking over their prime spot on he carpet..

In her time in our home:

  • She constantly referred to dog behavior as being that of the pack "chill or kill" behavior

  • Observed our dogs from afar without touching them or interacting with them at all

  • Made a couple of excursions into the garden where we were told to turn our backs to them
  • Instructed us to make no eye contact with them whatsoever

  • Feed them until they couldn’t eat any more

  • Warned against over exercising them

  • Shut them in the kitchen for a long period of time

  • Got us to watch a homemade amateurish poor quality DVD which was clearly made a number of years ago (price R395) while she sat in her car for what was also a long period of time
  • Rubbished the Dog Food industry, the vetinarian industry, Animal Behaviorists and the SPCA, alluding to a conspiracy amongst these bodies

  • Told is that one dog was seriously hallucinating and would eventually kill the otherr one

At 8:30 pm, and it was pitch dark, she asked us if we wanted to practice leash walking with the dogs. By this time we had had enough and declined despite that being one of our main objectives of the consultation. We just wanted her to go and on her exit were issued with the instruction to ignore the dogs for the next five days – no eye contact at all.
When she left my husband and I looked at each other in dismay and realized that we had been totally conned, and had parted with a huge sum of money with absolutely nothing in return, some of which was for goods that we realized were of no use to us whatsoever, the DVD included. It has taken us months to get back the refund promised to us upon the return of those goods in an impeccable condition and then not all of it. Our email request for the balance of the money was deleted without being read. Not only were we conned by an organization that we believe does not actually exist in the way one is led to believe it does but whoever is behind it is totally dishonest as well.
Please beware such people, everyone, the internet can provide a believable façade for those who only want your money and who will play on your emotions to part you from it as quickly as possible.

Fellow Animal Lover

Wow! Am I glad I found this forum and grateful to all of you. Her website sure is convincing, thank goodness I took the time to google. Has anyone found a good alternative? Best of luck to all.

Patrick Leclezio

We had a "consultation" with Pam Whyte in 2002. Based on that experience I'm deeply shocked to hear that she's still around. She's a con artist pure and simple. Her theories and the promises she makes are worthless and, if a modicum of common sense is to be trusted, then I can safely say that they have no basis in any type of science whatsoever. By the end of the session - which largely consisted of watching unprofessional, incoherent videos and overfeeding our dogs - we had wasted several hours of our lives, lost a few hundred rands, and gained absolutely nothing. To add insult to injury our dogs were then repeadly sick for the next couple of days. I highly, highly doubt that she has any type of credible qualifications. This woman is a menace. I urge all dog lovers to give her a wide berth.

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