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Wednesday, 15 November 2006



The dilemma becomes when you like their product but their business model does not like small customers, only large ones.

When in the jungle the greatest irritant is not large ferocious beasts but normally persistent small insects.

Keep on bugging them...

Clive Simpkins

Hey Parched, delicious analogy. Will do!

Susan Dunn, EQ Coach

What they really need, if this is the case, is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Coaching. Please refer them to me. I have trained and certified emotional intelligence coaches internationally as well as in the US, and offer coaching and consulting myself.

It's not just about customer-relations!

Susan Dunn

Clive Simpkins

Good self-promotion Susan. However, 1) You need to be able to adapt your offering to a concept instead of getting hung up on, or constrained by, your EI 'label'. (This is a constructively-intended snippet of advice). So if someone asks if you do customer relationship coaching, of course you do. The fact that you take an EI approach is to their advantage. Do you do team-building? Of course you do - but just not with people abseiling down cliffs and doing rock climbing. Get the concept? 2) You've read my article, now you get hold of Nestle Waters and tell them that you can help them avoid a repeat of such negative publicity! That's good marketing. ;-) Bon chance. Regards, Clive

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