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Friday, 01 December 2006



Pam Whyte is mad and should not own animals! She told me my dog hates me and my voice will activate the hunting instincts and he will kill me! She said that I should not own a bullterrier (although I grew up with 3 of them as a child and have great memories of them) she claimed they are dangerous and will attack children, unless I follow her instructions.

Well all I can say is when I stopped following her instructions and got a proper dog whisperer in named Chris, everything changed my dog is so much happier and friendlier he listens to me, doesn’t jump on people, walks nicely on a lead and doesn’t show any aggression to other dogs. I took my dog to a restaurant the other day and he was sitting licking a poodle and playing with her so nicely! He has never showed any aggression towards people, and is the most loving dog I have ever met.

The best part is chris costed me R400 for 2 hours where Pam costed me R1700 for about the same time with zero results!

I will tell every single person I know, meet or am going to meet not to use her! She is evil and my dog did not like her and my dog even likes smelly street people (maybe because even they have more love in their hearts for animals than her!).


Hey Clive.
I nearly bought some of Pam Whyte's products for my new boxer pup, but after reading what you and a lot of other people had to say I'm running for the hills!!!! PLEASE, a lady named Chantal commented on all of this and talked about a Chris who is a "real" dog whisperer, please get in contact with me, I really need help trustworthy help.
Happy 2010.

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