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Thursday, 18 January 2007



Your comment is illogical.

Mbeki's statement that 'the pursuit of personal wealth to the exclusion of all else is primarily a consequence of the social and economic relations that developed under colonialism and apartheid', whether you agree with it or not, is not the same as excusing that pursuit.

Mbeki has been at the forefront of criticising that behaviour.

Pschologically, recognising one's influences is important. What you do with that knowledge, hide behind it as a refuge, or move forwards, is another matter entirely.

Clive Simpkins

Ian, if you read the whole section in which that excerpt featured, (obviously I couldn't use it all in the article for space reasons)his implication is crystal clear. He BLAMES colonialism and apartheid for the moral deficit in his own people. It's not the first time white people have been used as the scapegoat by him in this regard. Remember the allegations that we (whites) think (his hideous words)...'that black people can't keep their legs together' on the HIV/AIDS issue?

Wayne Bone

Double standards of a Pom with a black heart.

I cannot believe the utter rubbish about the slaughter.

You, Mr. ever so objective forget one thing that who died and made you emperor of fairness.

All the contradiction, explanation of the theory that it is ‘’ Particularly when it's the irksome task of straddling two cultures’ straddle your brain with a cattle prod, because then in your theory female circumcision is also a irksome task of two cultures.

Driving a car made by a German culture is fine but when you slaughter animals that are not fair or humane to the German (whatever) then by your definition, they are wrong. Your logic deduction astounds me, but then again I am sure you patronage all species, nationalities, Afrikaners that don’t subscribe to your Oxford 101 philosophy, more to the point your sales and marketing techniques work for sheep that’s why they buy the product, that why fraud also happens because it is based on shit,nada, crap.

I am afraid that your/the answer will impeached with self mooring and statement of the intellectual versus the dick mentality.

Anyways like reading your stuff, it makes me want to write fulltime.


Wayne Bone

Afrikaner by choice straddles with irksome cultures.

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