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Saturday, 19 May 2007



7-14 days?

A call centre agent at Nashua Mobile told me that they call Nokias something along the lines of "Roulette phones" due to their, and i quote "50/50 chance of being lemons".

The broken phone then needs to go back to the supplier which is a 6 week turn around time.

People need to know this.

Clive Simpkins

thescott, hi and thanks for plunging me into a clinical depression at the prospect of an even longer wait! ;-)


Hmm, my HTC products in the past have been very reliable. As for Nokia its the symbian operating system that does not appeal to me, has a tendency to "hang". Nokia have however made some very cool phones of late, shame you got a lemon. HTC have some good stuff coming out. Try http://www.pdadb.net if you need information on smart-phones or PDA type phones. I would not expect much of a response from Nokia Finland, they will just advise you to contact their country office who will request you to visit Vodaworld...
I have had a recent similar story with other products; Samsonite & Delsey luggage. I needed clarification on their competing luggage types, Delsey replied to the email within 24 hours, Samsonite with an automated email within 24 hours advising me they will reply to my query within 7 days and then took 10 days to reply. I bought Delsey.

Companies with well established brands are seriously damaging those brands by outsourcing administration, call centers, invoicing, billing and other customer interface points. The money they save in admin costs is lost in trying to retain customers.

Clive Simpkins

HTC, you're a very lucky person then. I'm surrounded by colleagues who had the most dreadful experience with i-Mate/HTC. Forget the labelling/badging. Same instrument. You clearly never struggled with WM5 mail programs that took 15 seconds to open after tapping the icon. I physically smashed my JasJar (appropriately named since 'jas' is the perjorative term for piss) into the tiled floor. It's the most expensive and reciprocally useless piece of crap I've ever had the misfortune to buy. I hear claims that the 'bugs' have been sorted out. Yeah, right, like when I went from a Q-Tek 1010 to the PDA2K and then the Piss-Jar and each time I swallowed that old canard. You work for HTC by the way?


No I do not work for HTC. I am associated with another evil empire however thats hated the world over :-)

I have had an HTC Pocket PC since about 2003 and apart from the occasional freeze after installing third party software its run perfectly including email and web browsing (non SA networks). I've had Nokia phones that have came apart and Sony phones that look nice but take ages to navigate through menus. So I stuck with the HTC as it worked reliably, and quickly even after dropping it a few times.

Better luck with your next purchase. I will not hold my breath for Nokia to get back to you & solve the problem.

Clive Simpkins

HTC,hiya again! ;-) to the Evil Empire!

I assume your HTC device has WM 6? Because the 5 was the main problem child in memory greed terms, methinks?

Nokia Finland routed my complaint/request via their EMEA management and they have indeed made contact, so let's see what happens. Handed the N73 instrument back at Vodaworld yesterday when I was in the hood for another meeting. Equally pathetic staff - they're actually illiterate. The job sheets are a travesty, fraught with incompetence.


Any phone as of June 17, 2007? Or you decided to wait until Christmas for a new one? Nokias caring attitude must be a comfort...

Clive Simpkins

No joy from Nokia yet. The phone's back for the 3rd time with the same problem. It seems that the particular Nokia outlet is owned as a franchise store by Vodacare in SA. I'm now (based on your recommendation) going to try an HTC Titan. Don't want the bigger one as with all my PDAs I've never once used the Lilliputian slide-out keyboard. If it's a disappointment, I'm gonna cyber-stalk you and jump on your keyboard! ;-)

Philip Sapud

hi there i also happen 2 thnk vodacom service suck,when i tuk out my contract i got da nokia 6288 a very nice fone,4 months l8r i got an sms nd as i opened it da fone died nd i was unable to restart it.tuk it 2 vodacare canal walk nd aftr 6 weeks of endless trips nd fone calls i was given a new nokia n76 whick workd 4 abt 2 months when it startd freezing nd resetting itself,agen went back a vodacare nd dey suggestes da normal softward upgrade,got da fone back within 2 day a record for da store in question im sure.a few weeks l8r da resetting stard agen nd off 2 vodacare i went,fone was sent 2 jhb i ges vodaworld midrand nd i was given anutha new n76 or so i was told.fone workd for almost a month wen da shit startd agen nd vodacare tuk it in 4 a software update agen?when 4 got my fone back not only did it reset,it also hung nd none of da applications i had on it wud download or start.i had it bukd in agen 3-1-9 got an sms it was sent 2 jhb 5-1-9 wen i enquird on da 12th abt da status of my repair da assholes cudnt tell me wer my fone was.da managr der avoided my calls so had 2 go into da store nd only aftr doing so i was told da service consultant dat helpd me neva bukd in my fone,nd despite dat da fone was only sent 2 jhb on da 16th!cald jhb 2day 20th,fone was despatched 2 nokia 4 assessment nd i wud hear from dem within 7 working days?

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