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Wednesday, 18 July 2007



The problem is that you people are not very well informed.

Many finally non treatable diseases may start by integrating effectively into the hands.

This is not my conclusion, but the conclusion of ALL mayor health agencies.

The fact that this is so, is because we live on the top of a mountain that is called cell science.

Micro organisms are often (motile) cell and many have obtained traits of multiple species.

This constitutes the actual cause of microbial resistance, as far as nature has not done the job.

You can not wash your hands enough, and I would suggest that a regular intensive scrub with a fat medicated soap lather
is a very cheap way to secure protection against superbugs.

The hand starts at the tip of your finger and ends about half way ABOVE the elbow.

Understand soap and scrubbing with soap in the age of molecular biology.


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