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Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Meg Vermaak

A "related" pet peeve of mine is the horror of the pronunciation issues that abound in our multi-lingual English News reporters! If one's pronunciation is correct, the accents simply make it all interesting! Surely our television stations recognise that first requirement? One could write a book! (It would be rather humourous if it were not simply so bloody sad!)



It has always been a pet hate of mine, people (particularly English speaking) ripping off those who do not speak English with a flawless accent (although there remains a lot to be said about the South-African English accent.)

It’s like being disabled – the minute you open your mouth to speak (even though your spoken or written English might be excellent) if you have an accent, you are considered stupid and “from the other side of the railway tracks”.

I have found that in many cases, when ripped off by English speaking people about an accent or grammatical mistakes, these very same people can not even string together one decent sentence in Afrikaans. Why are we admired when we as South African are able to speak French or Russian, for instance, but when it comes to Afrikaans many English speaking people are actually proud (in a seriously warped way) of the fact that they do not know the language?

It’s a very sad state of affairs.



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