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Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Richard Mulvey

Thanks for your support Clive. I am not sure I would have written the article in quite the same way as you did, but I am truely grateful for your contribution and those from the people who have responded already. You are a star!


Jacques de Villiers


Getting seriously frustrated (and thanks to your book, I've noticed it and am observing my behaviour ;-) - I'm now on my normal windows pc and posting about Richard. It's been 5 minutes and it is still trying to post. I've been on the Safari, Firefox and now Explorer browsers with no luck.

I know a couple of people have complained to me that they can't post on my blog either. Since I can't post on your blog either, I must assume that this is a typepad problem. When I post on wordpress and blogger, I get through immediately. Have you had any complaints other than mine?

Still looking at the green line and it's not going through.

Enige raad, mnr?


Clive Simpkins

Hi Jacques! Sorry that something keeps getting in the way of your postings - promise it's not me! ;-) I've uploaded your e-mail and if you wanna send me your comments on Richard I'll upload those while I take up the issue with Typepad. Warmest, C

Jacques de Villiers

What Richard's doing for Reach for a Dream is tremendous. He certainly lives the values of a true professional conference speaker. I know many professional speakers 'give back' because they enjoy the privilege of running their businesses and creating lifestyles in South Africa.

Wouldn't it be neat if the NSASA [National Speakers Association of Southern Africa - http://www.nsasouthafrica.co.za] could adopt a charity for a year and all the speakers who do give back to South Africa, could channel their funds into one charity. I know that collectively we'd raise a heap of money and really make a difference. (The only problem would be getting people to buy into the same charity). But, I like the idea, anyway and would love to see the "privilege of the platform" in real action in other ways than inspiring and teaching people.


I'm new here, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

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