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Tuesday, 01 January 2008



i feel im not the only one who feels your frustration.

I have been to the go kart track that you have mentioned about 2 weeks ago, i went on a tuesday night. i took my girlfriend and myself for 20 laps, with the intention of having one or two drinks. when she saw the condition of the karts she refused to put foot near the karts, there was oil and petrol on the engine, the seat had rubber in them and the protective sponge i received for my back, was so dirty i would rather get a back injury than use that.

The helmets are also in a poor state, after struggling to find the right size helmet with no assistance and no where to fasten my helmet i proceeded with caution around the go-kart track.

i asked to do 2 sessions of 20, judging by the size of the track i knew one 40 lap race would be too much for my arms.

the rude race controller on duty who was not helpful in any way, gave me a mumbled response it was that i have to do the whole 40 laps as they were closin in about 30 min or so.

i proceeded for my 40 laps with the intention of taking my girlfriend for a drink after my 40 laps, when i got out the kart my, the whole left side of my smart shirt was soaked with petrol, which i had to take off to rinse in the toilets which were not the most pleasant smelling toilets i have ever been in.

indoor kartin at its best is their motto, im starting think thats it indoor chaos at its best that suites the indoor venue.

to date they still have no extraction fans, which i noticed and my eyes were red and had a slight burning sensation after my drawn out 40 lap session.

something has to be done, is there no way to get health and safety involved?

Shaun Cleaver

I have not been to Compu Kart but was in the process of organising my sons birthday party at this venue, and thanks to the comments above I will no longer be considering this as an exciting and safe option.

Thank you for making me aware of the dangers and irresponsible business nature of Compu Kart.



Ditto Shaun. Am also busy researching my son's wish for a go-karting party. The claims on the website certainly sound good enough, but clearly reality paints a different picture - thnaks for saving me a bad experience Surprisingly there are no comments, good or bad, on hellopeter.


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