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Saturday, 08 March 2008


Jacques de Villiers

Hey Clive,

Good spot. I checked out the site but didn't come across your name. Half the booking links don't work and they've also got a dead singer on its books (Brenda Fassie). I think this hasn't been updated for years. It is not high up on search and is not well visited. A big concern is that there's no telephone number to phone and this certainly is a big black mark.

On a positive note - the photos of most of the speakers are great - Motivators hasn't got such great photos. I need to get back to my speakers and ask them for new photos.

Thanks for the great blogs, I read them all and find them particularly interesting.


Clive Simpkins

Hi Jacques! Google my name and this site comes up as number 1 with my name on it. See pic on posting. So someone's doin' somethin' to keep it there. Although I may not be pictured, my name is clearly in a metatag, or Google couldn't have found it. Warmest, C


Dude, any person or company that can get Brenda Fassie to perform from beyond must be fucking AWESOME!

Clive Simpkins

Don, you naughty bugger! I now have this sneaking, paranoid feeling that you might be the brain behind the entertainment online empire. I knew those banks and banks of Apple Powerbooks in Casa Links were not just there for show....

Roy Blumenthal

I think it would be prudent to pay AFTER the gig. Just in case Brenda somehow can't muster the lung power from beyond the grave. I know she was good. But THAT good?

Clive Simpkins

Now then Mr. B! I'll get out and dust of my Ouija Board and have her Brrrrrr you! ;-)

Jacques de Villiers

Hey Clive,

Billy Selekane phoned me today and asked me about Entertainment Online. It appears that he has been featured and is not too happy about it.

Billy Selekane

Well I did make a call to the people behind the site and they gave me a long protracted explanation. I urged them to remove me asap or I was going to unleash some "township flavour" on them, if you know what I mean. Well I felt very violated by this , it is really going crazy this tagging Blah! Blah!....I had thought that the internet is a Boon to us but sometimes it feels like a DOOM to us...hope some of you guys will also let them remove you.

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