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Monday, 17 March 2008


Jacques de Villiers

Hey Clive,

You'll be surprised at the number of mouth-breathing, harmonica-playing in-bred racists we have in our country. The church leaders are still trying to rein in the older generation and don't have the will to tackle the younger generation (who have picked up the habits of their parents).

Mandy de Waal

Hey Clive. Chilling blog. "You are young, that's what you do." That line in particular punched me right in the gut. The thought that this is normal. I was doing some research on the San the other day and it came to my attention that until the turn of the century it was legal to hunt bushmen as long as their bodies weren't publicly displayed. When one reads these kind of article you realise what a long way we have to go. How hatred is so deeply entrenched. How there is little if any humanity in people who hate so desperately.

Very interesting blog Clive. Hope you are well.

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