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Monday, 03 March 2008


George Annandale

I was wondering if you ever posted a comment regarding racism in among people of color? Reason Im asking is the fact that your argument about racism seems to centre around whites commiting these atrocities. I would like to remind you of the worse atrocities being commited by blacks attacking whites on farms, a woman being raped and the getting her throat slit after the guilty party stole her cellphone or hijacked her car. Is it possible for you to perhaps enlighten us with your oppinion regarding these "roberies gone bad". Becuase at this stage some of the crimes being commited by black civilians seem borderline genocide.

Then I must also say as young male in South Africa racism is not something parent teaches a child, but in the current state in our country it is developing without being tought by parents or any adult from a older generation. Its is problem wich is in turn fault of the current political climate in our country because as white Afrikaner you are a exile in your own country and that happens when you have a government that consists of a black majority that discriminates agianst you racial group.

Clive Simpkins

Hi George! My instinct tells me that we won't agree on the topic. My posting is about racism - by post-independence young people.

Way more black people are victims of crime by black hoodlums, than are white. That's a fact of demographics.

I somehow don't believe the average young black thug is driven by racism. But rather by wanting to 'be' someone, money, greed, and possibly a bit of poverty thrown in.

Despite my views, I empathise with your concerns and disappointment. Genuinely so.

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