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Friday, 13 June 2008



As the person in charge of a public organisation, on official duty, what right does he have to 'ban' photographers? Does he not want the public to see how worried/unconcerned/paranoid he is? He seems to be quite the 'fat cat' (I mean figuratively, although ...) with little or no chance of being replaced any time soon - which is a dangerous thing in a young democracy. Maybe this kind of irrational behaviour is the first sign of a man who has had too much power for too long. Politicians (& let's face it, Tito's a politician more than an economist) & baby nappies : both should be changed often & both for the same reason.

Jacques de Villiers

Besides all your comments, Tito is also clumsy (when it comes to selling his rate hikes). He tried a rejection and retreat close on us and by all accounts it worked (it must be true if Redi Direko of Radio 702 said so ;-))

He telegraphed his punch like an amateur boxer. Telling us that the interest rate could go up 2 points and finally bringing it in at .50 points. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief. But, the bottom-line is that Tito would never have gone to 2 points. So, he basically conned us so that we wouldn't think that being raped by him again would be so bad. He's even applying a bit of the Stockholm Syndrome - we're starting to like our economic captor who we believe is only trying to do his best for us.

But I don't suppose that South African politicians/government officials have had as much time to practice as the Americans. At least when they're conning the populace, it seems seamless and even truthful. Our lot is just clumsy and get caught out (by intelligent) citizens. Unfortunately, the majority are emotionally and not logically driven ...

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