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Sunday, 12 October 2008



If you're going to comment on so-called "blupses" in other media, it might pay to double-check your own work first. It's Matebello Motloung, not Motioung! Also, the use of "skin-deep" in an article on race can hardly be called a "blups". It's a very obvious and self-conscious pun.

Clive Simpkins

Hmmm. Point taken except that: 1] FM has sub-editors, right? I don't and I struggle to see/proof when typing into teeny back-end blog frames. (God, could that be a pun?) 2] Unless you're Matebello, how do you know it's a 'self-conscious' pun? The vibe in your comment is ugly. Intentional? And the anonymous e-mail address? Ever heard of the courage of one's convictions?

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