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Saturday, 17 April 2010



Nestle is one of the most despicable multinational corporations ever to emerge. I've been taking the nestle boycott seriously for a few months. A worldwide boycott call has been in place since the 1970s. As i understand its "stronghold" is european (esp brit) universities, and this continues today on many campuses. British students a handful of years ago tried to ignite the boycott at wits university, but i'm not sure how that is going.

General reasons for boycott are:

HEALTH- what goes into their products, as this blog article points out, is questioned. It is not just about the melamine issue, but rather the essential unhealthiness of nestle-produced foods in general.

ETHICS- as pointed out in your post clive, including the word "wholegrain" there is cleverly and intentionally misleading. But this is how nestle operates, intentionally misleading people about the health of their products (ie advertising in india that their 2 minute noodles will "build bones"). The are guilty of what can only be called "murderous marketing". In africa nestle promote their baby-milk formula partly by supplying false information about breast-feeding. Last year they were 'caught' sourcing from one of grace mugabe's farms (ie, propping up dictators). I could go on and on, but i won't bore you. This company knows no ethics!

Anyway, I am getting angry now because the people who are behind nestle are the lowest of the low.

Here is a list of Nestle products not to buy:
peppermint crisp
milky bar

milo brand
nescafe coffee

And here is a link to a nestle boycott page- http://www.babymilkaction.org/pages/boycott.html


For the hardcore, more nestle-owned brands to
NOT choose at the supermarket:


The Body Shop

Friskies (pet food)

Boycotts are easy and perfect for south africans- you literally have to do nothing ;)

jacki janse van rensburg

oh dear! my son only eats that in the mornings. he is a stubborn one, if i don't have what he wants to eat, he doesn't eat. so i was happy to find something that solved the fight/standoff.



Really interesting and also disturbing. The power of marketing abused by a large brand. It will be interesting to follow the response of ASA

ergo baby carrier

At least the kids love to drink Milo

Marie Botha

Which baby formula does not have palm oil or soy oil in it?? They both increase the risk of cholesterol and cancer, I cant believe they are in ALL baby formulas in SA. Is there a brand that cares enough not to have these oils in their ingredients??

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