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Friday, 02 April 2010


Anil Salick

Great suggestions Clive. But, I fear, any suggestions of improvement to the Catholic Church is like trying to straighten chairs on the deck of the mighty Titanic.

Colin Wood

I hope they're reading this Clive.

You know, there's something niggling me about this whole scenario - something's not adding up, or at least the entire issue doesn't seem complete... or properly understood (at least by me) - not sure how to express it.

Maybe it has to do with "the church" if such a concept exists in the global psyche. By contrast, I wonder how we would deal with the same issues if they were revelations about say, the Red Cross. Or maybe it has to to with the internal structural integrity within the RCC at a values / morals / world-views level that we are yet to spot. Or perhaps something else entirely.

Certainly, as other commentators have observed, we'd be remiss if we removed the broader cultural context from the issue and stared only at the sore...
It feels like there is something here for "the rest of us" that we're all looking at ourselves in some painful way...

end of ramble!


how about set up an island, Carnal Island, where all perverts can congregate. I think asking dishonest and deceitful people to fess up when they're already up to their armpits in double dealing is asking a lot.

Clive Simpkins

You're on the money Colin. The fact that it's a religious organisation should not affect the robustness with which it tackles and excises the problem.

And we are indeed looking at ourselves. Light and dark are obverse and reverse of same coin. Being judgmental or vengeful when others are in trouble doesn't help. We need empathy and constructive suggestions. Your empathy is laudable.

Clive Simpkins

Nick, every religious, social or other grouping will include 'fringe' people. Not unique to a church. My spiritual preceptor, Swami Shivapadananda, used to say: 'This ashram (monastery) is not a retirement home for saints. It's a hospital for sinners.'

People take their minds wherever they go. For every paedophile priest or nun there are thousands of good RCC clerics working devotedly to uplift humankind. We must not forget that.


Let us not forget that this particular institution has survived over 1000 years. That's a long time. They've seen themselves through far larger crisis and survived. No doubt they will navigate their way through this one. Perhaps a little slower than we might want, but it's a big brute of an institution and I imagine there is plenty of wisdom and memory lurking to guide them in today's modern world?

For one, thoughts like Clive's serve as part of the depth of wisdom that is available, and I'm certain will be drawn on.

I'm not a Catholic. But I am very respectful of what they have managed to hold together for so long. And I am aware of the abuses through their history.

Does anyone want to cast the first stone?

It's Friday.... but Sunday is coming!

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