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Wednesday, 14 July 2010



Well reasoned arguments Clive. Ever considered becoming a member of parliament? Oh wait, you're far too rational. But you are a voice of reason crying out in the wilderness.

Clive Simpkins

Thanks Mike. Regretfully, this is not a 'sexy' topic for the average person as they go about their daily, self-involved lives. But it's going to leave a legacy, if not dealt with now, that will be extremely difficult to manage in years to come.


Thanks for covering the topic - it may not be 'sexy' but it's vital that we at least start talking in the direction of solving this horrific affliction. No matter how you look at it, xenophobia is ugly.

Angelo Coppola

So it's conceivable that the SA Gov doesn't want to completely resolve the Xeno issue because it diverts attention away from their own failings?

Sir Nigel

Clive,Thank you for the insight.As a Zimbabwean myself I am as you can imagine very concerned about this situation.It seems all was well before the world cup and now? - we're hiding from potential attacks.Very sad indeed.

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