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Monday, 13 September 2010


Marc Ashton

Nice read and very true.

It has been one of the strong themes we have seen through our Rival Pioneers initiative and Punk Your SME competition - the willingness of South Africans to share and experiment with eachothers business offerings.

We've seen it just today - we helped an SME get some exposure through our offering a while back when they were kicking off and today when we asked for a quote to use their service the wheel came full circle and they offered it to us at no charge.

Its fantastic to see the spirit that many small businesses have shown through the economic crisis and hopefully we can keep up this attitude as the environment gets better.

Marcel Oudejans

A wonderful article reminding us (and specifically, me) that we first need to give to the World that which we wish to see...

jacki janse van rensburg

so true, and a good reminder.

years ago, when i was 19, pregnant and getting married, we had nothing. my uncle gave us as a wedding gift what was then the huge amount of R1000. my young husband's monthly salary was R800 per month.

i went to him, and asked him, in tears, how i could ever thank him. he told me that if i saw need in my life, i had give generously, and in doing that, i would be thanking him.

i have never forgotten his words and gesture. and in the years after, we have given way more than R1000 to people in need.

on our plot we grow vegetables. our 300 square meter veggie garden, is about half the size of many people's entire properties. so when we have veggies, we have LOTS of veggies.

people urge us to sell them, but mike always tells them 'when GOD blesses you in abundance, you have to pass that blessing on'. he refuses to accept a cent, he just hands them out. all he asks is that if you don't use it, you give it to someone who will. our veggies often end up with people we have never met!

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